How do we continue to deliver outstanding legal coverage with top-quality law firms at an affordable price? It’s because of you.

With the commitment of over 1.4 million LegalShield members, we are able to negotiate comprehensive legal services with law firms nationwide at a fraction of what they traditionally cost. Because our attorneys aren’t waiting to get paid, and instead are pre-paid, they’re motivated to treat all of our members and their needs equally. Covering 49 states and 4 provinces in Canada, our law firms are experienced, responsive, and reliable.

Your Protection

A small monthly fee gets you access to a quality law firm in your area. Call about anything you want. It’s that simple.

Your Law Firm

Just contact your provider firm directly to speak to a lawyer in your area that is experienced in all fields of law. We even provide 24/7 access for emergencies.


When you have questions, your attorney has answers.

Legal services for multiple categories include:

Real Estate
Purchase, Refinance, Foreclosure,

Consumer Finance
Collections, Warranties, Guarantees
and Other Contracts

Family Law
Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody

Estate Planning
Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney

Traffic Issues
Moving Violations, Accidents

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