Vybe Communications Hub
2226 Eastlake Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98102
M-F: 9-6    Sat: 10-4

Phone: 206-745-0160
Fax: 206-259-7930
Email: info@vybehub.com

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Click on the service below you are interested in for a quick location features list:

Plenty of free short term parking for quick in and out access (to grab your mail):

  • Check our parking map>>>
  • 3 dedicated short term spaces in back
  • Turn lane good for 1 min parking
  • Corner strip lot very 20-min parking friendly

Convenient Location:

  • Great freeway access (2 blocks from I-5), great for pit stops on the way to somewhere else
  • Between Downtown and University District
  • 5-10 minutes from most of Seattle
Plenty of free local parking for conference room attendees:
  • Check our parking map>>>
  • 3 dedicated short term spaces in back
  • Plenty of free 2-4hr parking on side streets
  • Additional pay parking lot, always has extra spots

Easy for people to get to:

  • 2 blocks from I-5
  • 2 exits from Downtown Seattle (between Downtown and University District)
  • 5 – 10 minutes from most of Seattle
Plenty of free local parking:
  • Check our parking map>>>
  • 3 dedicated short term spaces in back for guests
  • Plenty of free 2-4hr parking on side streets
  • Even some all-day parking gems
  • Additional pay parking lot, always has extra spots
    • Zip Car has two cars located here

Great Walk Score>>>

Convenient Location

  • Great freeway access (2 blocks from I-5)
  • Between Downtown and University District
  • 5-10 minutes from most of Seattle

First of all, there are two ZipCar spots 75 feet from our location.  You can just ditch your car completely if you want to, and sign up for ZipCar through us for a discount.  Click here>>>

On top of that, these are the 4 main factors that, when combined, make this location the most convenient location in Seattle:

  • 1 – Good parking, IN SPITE of proximity to downtown
  • 2 – Proximity to downtown
  • 3 – Great freeway access (it’s hard to get closer)
  • 4 – Central location to the rest of Seattle

What this means to you is that when you meet with people, it’s quick and easy for them to get here from almost anywhere, and when they do get here, they won’t have to spend an extra 10 minutes searching for a parking space that they’ll pay for and risk getting a ticket and/or towed from if they forget about it.  And of course, the same goes for you, too.

Listed below are more details for each of the 4 items above, about why we think our location is the cat’s meow … and it all starts with parking:

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Have you ever driven around for an extra 10-15 minutes in a neighborhood JUST to find a parking spot?  And when you finally find a spot, it’s short-term, and you have to pay for it, right?

Here’s why parking is so good in Eastlake:

  • Check our parking map>>>
  • Eastlake is not as dense as other neighborhoods this close to downtown
    • Zoning, geography and existing properties inhibit density
    • This means less competition for parking spaces
  • There is no pay parking on the street – it’s all free!!!  This is a HUGE advantage!
  • Plenty of 4hr parking available on side streets (as well as 2hr – see parking map)
  • Once you get familiar with the neighborhood, you can find free all-day parking (see parking map)
  • If you really want to pay, there’s a pay lot 75 feet away that’s never full (we’ll give you one guess why)
  • Lots of quick in-and-out parking options:
    • Corner strip lot is very 20-minute parking friendly
    • Middle turn-lane is great for 1 minute parking (i.e. to get your mail)
    • We have 3 parking spaces in the back dedicated to short-term parking
      • Our parking spaces are also available for guests during meetings in our conference room or other short-term needs

To summarize, unlike other neighborhoods close to downtown, you will NOT need to drive around for an extra 10-15 minutes looking for a spot that ends up being 4 or 5 blocks away from your final destination (AND you have to pay for).

We’re 1.5 miles from downtown.  That’s two freeway exits.  What more can you ask for?

Get Around.

Another highlight of this location is the convenient freeway access.  I-5 is literally 2 blocks away.  When you don’t have to spend additional time actually getting to the freeway, you’d be surprised at how fast you can get around, even to far distances.  And getting back is just as fast.  Have a quick meeting across town?  Don’t waste twice the time getting there.

The Pit Stop.

The reverse is also true.  Think about how often you drive on I-5 … 1x/week, 2x/week, or more?  It now takes you just an extra 5 minutes during one of those drives to drop down and check your mail, or grab a file, or whatever else you might need to do “at the office.”  5 extra minutes.  That’s called a pit stop.  The convenience is priceless.

520 East Side Access.

Oh, and by the way, if you (or someone that is meeting you) are coming from the East Side (Bellevue and the such) via 520, the exit at Roanoke is only 6 blocks away.  6 BLOCKS AWAY … completely skipping any I-5 traffic.  From the heart of Bellevue, it’s less than 15 minutes, and here’s proof:  click here>>>

This is easy.  Just looking at a map, you can see how centrally located Eastlake is.  Augmented by great freeway access, you get a one-two combo that gets you anywhere in the city, lickity-split.  Which also means that anyone that might be coming to meet with you can get to you easily as well.  Not many people think about the convenience factor for others, but it makes a big difference in a location.

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