Lake Union & the Eastlake Neighborhood

We are proud members of the Eastlake Neighborhood and the Eastlake Merchant’s Association.  Established in 1995, this shop has gone through its third name change as it has evolved into a multi-service facility.  We are grateful for the support, encouragement and kindness that we have received from our neighbors through each transition.  Eastlake is a very loyal, tight-knit community.  People actually get to know eachother here.  From one of the largest houseboat communities in Seattle to the biggest 4th of July party you’ve ever seen, Eastlake is the type of neighborhood that keeps people coming back even years after they’ve moved somewhere else; there’s something about this little neighborhood that catches people’s hearts.  It’s what a neighborhood SHOULD be.

In the meantime, Lake Union is one of the most active lakes in the US.  Officially, it’s an airport, with flights from seaplanes to the San Juans and Canada scheduled on a regular basis.  Surrounded by restaurants, houseboats, houses, condos, apartment buildings and commercial offices with a view, a couple marinas and some commercial docks, Lake Union is one of the busiest lakes you’ll ever see.  Two major parks on either end of the lake (Gasworks Park in the North and Lake Union Park in the South) with many small parks strung in between, there are over 50 public water access points to bring a kayak or dock a boat.  During the summer, Tuesdays brings Duck Dodge, an official sailboat race around Lake Union, although plenty of boats are just there for the fun.  You can rent a kayak or canoe, take a ride on an electric taxi boat or “Ride the Ducks” tour, take a Lake Union tour on one of the many tour boats, or even brave the waters and take a swim.  Whatever you do, don’t miss the 4th of July around here … the entire Eastlake Neighborhood becomes one giant community BBQ, everywhere you go!

Click on any of the following links for more information:

Parks / biking:
Roger’s Playfield (baseball playground and tennis courts)
North: Gasworks Park
South: Lake Union Park
Plus smaller parks
Also check out:
Cheshiahud Loop Bike Trail
Colonnade Bike Park

Things to do:
Rent a sailboat for an hour at Center for Wooden Boats
Rent a kayak for an hour:
North: Moss Bay Center
South: Agua Verde Café
Or just go for a swim
July 4th festivities (you’ll like being here for that)

Bank of America
(connected to BECU)

Boutique Shops, Salons, chiropractic, massage, event spaces and a whole lot more.

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