This map is meant to give a general idea of the available parking in the Eastlake area.  We recommend the 4hr parking on Franklin between Boston and Newton, and the all day parking on the angled E. Howe street between Franklin and Boylston.  However, this is an early version of this map, and accuracy is not guaranteed; we expect to make corrections, and you are advised to make sure to check the parking signs to verify how long you can park in any of the marked areas.  Not all driveways or individual 30 minute load and unload only zones are marked.  Park at your own risk.

We recommend AGAINST parking on the East side of Eastlake Avenue before 6pm, as there is no parking allowed from 3-6pm due to rush hour, and it’s too easy to forget.  For example, say it’s 11am and your intention is to only park for an hour, so you expect to be gone well before 3pm.  You never know when your schedule may suddenly change, and you no longer need to leave … you think you have plenty of time, but then you forget, and your car gets towed.  We’ve seen this exact scenario happen many times.  It just isn’t worth the risk.  Find a different parking spot instead, there are plenty around.